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About Kuber Vaults


Today Kuber Vaults is the safe deposit box provider of choice for hundreds of families in Western Sydney. With the acquisition of ARA Vaults, we have a largest client base in safe deposit box industry in Sydney’s West.

Like all pioneering projects, Kuber Vaults is also a result of years of planning, detailed research and uncompromising adherence to quality. But it all started as an idea in the mind of an entrepreneur who decided to turn it into a service which would change the way people looked after their valuables in western Sydney.

Historically, banks have been the main providers of safe deposit box services but their availability and accessibility has been limited. Kuber Vaults not only provides a world class facility conveniently located in Castle Hill, we also stay open 7 days a week, right through the year. Unlike banks, we provide unlimited access to our customers without any extra charge.

With more and more banks closing their safe deposit box facilities in various locations and demand for safe deposit boxes on the rise, Kuber Vaults is perfectly placed to offer a reliable and cost effective storage solutions to families from all over Western Sydney.

Let’s hear it straight from CEO Reena Jethi
who has nurtured an idea into a state-of-the-art Safe Deposit Box facility in Castle Hill.


“Safe Deposit Box was a service which had been in demand for a long time with no convenient solution in sight. For years, people in the West would travel all the way to the city to operate their Safe Deposit Boxes. It was time-consuming, inconvenient and above all, you had to plan a visit days or weeks in advance. Limited opening hours also meant there was no scope for any last-minute dash for your favorite necklace before a weekend party.

For those who chose not to use the far-off facility, burglary was always a fear and sometimes, a painful reality. We decided that people in the Hills district and surrounding areas deserved a better solution. Thus began our journey which culminated in September 2017 at the opening of Kuber Vaults – a world class Safe Deposit Box facility in Castle Hill.

Painstaking research and design work has been undertaken by our team in consultation with leading companies in physical and electronic security to construct a state-of-the-art facility which offers our clients peace of mind and complete value for money.”

Secure & Sure with Kuber Vaults

  • Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Unlimited visits at no extra charge
  • Conveniently located in Castle Hill with parking for clients.
  • Just minutes from Baulkham Hills, Bella Vista, Kellyville, Quakers Hill, and a short drive from Parramatta, Marsden Park, Colebee, North Kellyville, Seven Hills
  • Custom-built security facility with state-of-the-art security protocol including bio-metric and 24-hour surveillance
  • Choice of top quality Gold and Silver bullion, bars, nuggets and coins
Secure & Sure with Kuber Vaults

Services at Kuber Vaults

Buy or store, Kuber Vaults has it all

  • Bullion Sale & Purchase

    Bullion Sale & Purchase

  • Jewellerry Storage

    Jewellerry Storage

  • Documents Storage

    Documents Storage

  • SMSF Storage

    SMSF Storage

  • Bullion Storage

    Bullion Storage

  • Cold Storage

    Data/Cold Storage

Invest In Gold

Investors' favourite for centuries, Gold has timeless value and can be passed to future generations. It has been has been the foundation of wealth and a monetary base for centuries.

Gold bullion offers distinct advantages that simply can’t be found in almost any other investment.

These advantages give you power as an investor. Ask our staff for our selection of Gold & Silver bullion and bars.

Investing In Gold Bullion

Whether worn as jewellery or held in investment grade bars, tablets or coins, physical gold and silver are some of the world's oldest asset classes. The demand for physical gold and silver as an investment remains strong today. Over the last 20 years, this physical demand has continued unabated.

The factors that have contributed to this demand include:

  • Capital growth returns
  • Low interest rates
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Economic uncertainty and inflation
  • Currency hedging
Gold Bullion

Why Silver is also
great Investment

Like gold, physical silver can also provide an excellent investment opportunity. Over the 15 years from 2004 to December 2019, silver prices rose by 7.4% per annum compounded in Australian dollar terms.
Unlike gold, silver is also widely used for industrial purposes. Whether it is electronic products like mobile phones, cameras, laptops and monitors, or medical equipment, they all contain physical silver and new applications of silver continue to be found. This adds another element to the silver story, encouraging people to accumulate the metal.

Silver Bullion

What makes Kuber Vaults an ideal safe deposit locker facility?

& Secure

When you get a licence for a safe deposit box at Kuber Vaults, you can rest assured that your valuable are safe and secure, and yet within your easy reach.

Access 7 Days
A Week

Kuber Vaults provides you access to your valuables 7 days a week. We also offer you after-hours access to your Safe deposit box. Conditions and charges apply.


The premises of Kuber Vaults has 24-hour CCTV for constant surveillance of the facility and to ensure complete safety of your valuables.

Frequently Asked Questions


A safe deposit box is a safe and convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The safe deposit box also offers privacy and security. While many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet at home or in an office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water and theft.


Kuber Vaults has a Liability Policy. As part of your Licence privileges, the fee includes an insurable interest to the value of $10,000. Insurance in excess of this is simple and can be arranged by talking to our friendly staff


Kuber Vaults offers a premium service, with free access to your safe deposit box 7 days a week. Unlike other providers, we are located in the Hills area and ideal for customers living in western Sydney.


Government legislation prohibits firearms, liquids and illegal drugs to be stored in safety deposit boxes.

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