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Go for Gold

While some of us would argue that gold is an archaic form of investment from the distant past, we say think again. Here, we’ll explain…

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Why you should get a safe deposit box

Safeguarding your valuables can be worrisome. Whether we’re talking about cash or jewelry, there are many things to consider such as where to put them…

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Prosperity & Security – Kuber Vaults

Diwali is known as the festival of lights all over the world. But for Indians, it is also the time to connect with friends and…

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WFM – time to take stock and preventative measures

It may have been imposed upon us, but WFM (Working from Home) has now been part of our lives long enough. So much so that…

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The stats don’t favour home security

As we all know, people are increasingly worried by the threat of home burglary and the subsequent emotional and financial impact of a break-in. There…

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When technology alone is not enough

Home break-ins have been part of our lives for a long time. Over the years, there have been devices designed to prevent them, technology has…

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New in Australia – feel safe

Leaving home to migrate to a new country is a daunting experience. Our first instinct is to create a balance between what is precious to…

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Real value of valuables

As rational, educated and aware people, we are all equipped with the ability to assess and calculate. We assess the value of something, calculate its…

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No bank, no worries

Are you among thousands of people affected by bank branch closures in several Sydney suburbs? Along with convenience of banking, hundreds of customers have also…

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Your heritage – not for burglars

Being handed down expensive, antique jewellery is a regular occurrence in most families. Whether it is your grandmother’s wedding ring or a pearl necklace that…

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Security – hope versus action

We have all heard the phrases and sayings – a stitch in time saves nine, prevention is better than cure, do not put off to…

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Blunt the impact of a burglary

Having met several victims of home thefts, we know that having your home burgled is one of the most traumatic things that can happen anyone.…

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Insurance Vs Protection

We all have precious items in our collection - an expensive engagement ring, a luxury watch with a personal engraving, or a necklace passed down…

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Going on holidays –what are you leaving behind?

We all look forward to vacations with family and friends to refresh and reenergise ourselves. Of all the breaks through the year, there is nothing…

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Who is looking after your daughter’s wedding jewellery?

Being the mother of a daughter comes with a million dreams. The biggest of them all is to see your princess married and live a…

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How security conscious are you?

Let us see, you always lock your car, sometimes walk back 100 meters to make sure it’s locked. Your lock your phone as well. And…

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Precious possessions out of burglars’ reach

Although we are all aware of thefts, we tend to think that it will never happen to us. But as thousands of home owners find…

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Play it safe…and smart with Kuber Vaults

We all understand the importance of keeping our belongings safe. We know to lock the front door when we leave the house, to keep our…

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How secure are your valuables at home?

Our homes are full of things that are precious to us. Some are expensive items such as jewellery, while others may be of sentimental value…

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Securing Parents’ Love and Blessings

Jewellery given by a mother to her daughter or daughter-in-law is much more than ornaments. It’s a symbol of their love, which gives them the…

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Festive season – a time to protect your valuables

The festive season has begun especially for people from the Indian subcontinent. Eid has just been celebrated, thenRakshabandhan, followed by KarvaChauth, Navratri, Dussehra and then…

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Targeted thefts on the rise

Last year, thieves struck at a home of an Indian family in Melbourne’s west, decamping with expensive jewellery and other luxury items in a broad…

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What makes Kuber Vaults an ideal safe deposit locker facility?

& Secure

When you get a licence for a safe deposit box at Kuber Vaults, you can rest assured that your valuable are safe and secure, and yet within your easy reach.

Access 7 Days
A Week

Kuber Vaults provides you access to your valuables 7 days a week. We also offer you after-hours access to your Safe deposit box. Conditions and charges apply.


The premises of Kuber Vaults has 24-hour CCTV for constant surveillance of the facility and to ensure complete safety of your valuables.

Frequently Asked Questions


A safe deposit box is a safe and convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The safe deposit box also offers privacy and security. While many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet at home or in an office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water and theft.


Kuber Vaults has a Liability Policy. As part of your Licence privileges, the fee includes an insurable interest to the value of $10,000. Insurance in excess of this is simple and can be arranged by talking to our friendly staff


Kuber Vaults offers a premium service, with free access to your safe deposit box 7 days a week. Unlike other providers, we are located in the Hills area and ideal for customers living in western Sydney.


Government legislation prohibits firearms, liquids and illegal drugs to be stored in safety deposit boxes.

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