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Data/Cold Storage

Data of all kinds is important. Whether it originates at home in terms of pictures, albums, important documents, or at work in terms of critical information saved in hard drives. While data is safe in hard drives, there is little protection for the drive itself. Whether it is for your personal information or business resources – some data is just too crucial to lose. Some may be too private to be seen by others, while there may also some data that you cannot afford to be tampered with. Let Kuber Vaults help you protect sensitive data by safeguarding them in secured storage. With a locker at Kuber Vaults, you can keep all your data safe and secure – free from any possible damage arising out of theft, fire, or flood. With so much riding on ‘soft’ information, it is great to know that Kuber Vaults provides you with an effective storage solution for data.

Understanding Hot, Warm, and Cold Data

Did you know that data has a temperature? This data temperature describes the frequency of accessing the data in storage. But temperature classification is also a fantastic way to distinguish which data is vital and which is not. Knowing and categorizing the temperature of your data will help you handle it more effectively. The classifications are often known as hot, warm, and cold. Hot Data – This type of data is frequently used and accessed on faster storage. Warm Data – This data is accessed less frequently. People are looking for this data. Cold Data – The cold data is the most critical data among the three. This data is rarely accessed and is kept in some sort of storage. But is imperative to have this data copied and stored in an off-site location..

Cold Storage

Why is cold storage considered a better option for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Like in many areas where the involvement of the government is limited or unclear, the onus to keep bitcoins secure thus typically falls on the investor. As we know, Bitcoin as a network is not actually individual physical coins at all, but rather it is closer to a piece of computer software. While wallets provide some measure of security, if the private key is intercepted or stolen, there is often very little that the wallet owner can do to regain access to coins within. One potential solution to this security issue is cold storage.

Cold storage is often seen as even more secure than a traditional wallet. It involves storing bitcoins offline—that is, entirely separate from any Internet access. Keeping bitcoins offline substantially reduces the threat from hackers. There is no need to worry about a hacker gaining digital access to a wallet when the wallet itself is not online.

Cold Storage at Kuber Vaults

The concept of a deep cold storage service has also gained acceptance in recent years. It offers the security of a bank vault for securing the keys of bitcoin wallets. At Kuber Vaults, you can hire a safe deposit box to store your cryptocurrency, or even hire a stand alone safe for the same purpose.

Advantages of cold storage at Kuber Vaults

Security: Cold storage at Kuber Vaults is more secure. Although some hot wallets can provide a high level of security, being online means they carry the risk of being hacked.

Convenience: Kuber Vaults is open 7 days a week, through the year

Cost: The prices at Kuber Vaults are extremely competitive and affordable.

Data/Cold Storage

Protect your sensitive data with Kuber Vaults


Kuber Vaults is equipped with all the necessary technology and service to safeguard all your valuables. We have 24/7 security and surveillance to ensure peace of mind for our customers.


You can access your safe deposit box at Kuber Vaults any number of times for no extra charge. Kuber Vaults is open 7 days a week so that you don’t need to spend your weekend accessing your locker.


Kuber Vaults has no access to your safety box to assure complete privacy and maximum security. The locker or safe deposit box can only be opened with twin keys.

Peace of mind

When all your secure storage needs are taken care of, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your valuables are secure.

Customer Service

Security of valuables is close to people’s hearts. While Kuber Vaults has the latest technology at work for you, we also have trained, professional staff to help you at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions


A safe deposit box is a safe and convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The safe deposit box also offers privacy and security. While many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet at home or in an office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water and theft.


Kuber Vaults has a Liability Policy. As part of your Licence privileges, the fee includes an insurable interest to the value of $10,000. Insurance in excess of this is simple and can be arranged by talking to our friendly staff


Kuber Vaults offers a premium service, with free access to your safe deposit box 7 days a week. Unlike other providers, we are located in the Hills area and ideal for customers living in western Sydney.


Government legislation prohibits firearms, liquids and illegal drugs to be stored in safety deposit boxes.

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